Robyn Ness Alcantar

Filipinx – GenderQueer – Transgender – Artist

pronouns: He/Him/They/Them

*my pronouns change so please ask what my pronouns are before assuming*

main mediums: Woodworking, Visual Arts, Photography

creating art is more than a hobby to me, and always has been;

it’s a way for me to share,

a piece of myself


express my creative spirit

with others.

throughout my life,

art has always been present:

through food, music,

and photography,

as well as singing, drawing, painting,

& woodworking.

art has always been

a source of

Growth, Love, Happiness, Expression, & Community

-r . ness

SD Voyager Interview (2020)

Shout Out SoCal Interview (2021)


My woodworking journey began in 2017, soon after I had stepped foot into my first wood shop. Since then I have spent countless hours of hard work following my woodworking and artistic passions. I am a self-taught woodworker and exploring different mediums has helped me develop my creativity and craftsmanship skills. 

As a multi-media artist, I like to mix what I’ve learned through woodworking, into my art! Some mediums I have learned to worked with are: hard wood, live edge wood, paints, stains, collage, photography, silicone molds, concrete, epoxy/resin, jewelry, and sketch work. I have been woodworking for upwards of 3 years now and I continue to stay adamant about honing my skills as a woodworker and staying creative.

Since I started my business, I have taken on many commissions for folks and also made wood works ranging from: customized furniture, furniture repairs & refurbishment, cutting boards, coasters, shelves, sculptures, kitchen renovations, and so much more!

I have participated in art shows, such as Artivism in 2017 and La Bodega Pop-Up Art Show in 2020, and was interviewed for San Diego Voyager Magazine (2020) & Shout Out SoCal (2021) as well!

My passion for art and woodworking sparked and grew, once I made the decision to leave a toxic work environment to pursue my career as an Artist & Woodworker. My intentions for creating art come from a spiritual place within myself. *


Robyn’s first wood shop that he started in his parent’s backyard in 2017 (bottom photo). He called it the “backyard woodshop”. Once they needed to expand his shop, they relocated to their parent’s garage later in 2019 (top photo).

“The Good Ol’ Backyard Wood Shop” where I spent my first couple hundred+ hours teaching myself woodworking techniques, practicing them, and making art.

Behind The Logo: “RNA Wood Works: Woodworking & Stuff”
The mountain represents the saying, “the best view comes from the hardest climb, it’s not about the destination; it’s about the journey.” The hexagon shape is inspired by the testosterone chemical structure because Robyn wanted to have his queer identity on his brand. Robyn takes bi-weekly testosterone shots for their Hormone Replacement Therapy. His favorite colors are of earthy tones and the honeycomb theme represents the sentiment behind Robyn’s first commission, which was a Honey Comb Cheese Board they made in 2018.